Shilton Road, Burford, Oxfordshire

The sale of 17.5 acres, to Lioncourt Homes & Beechcroft Developments with outline planning permission for 91 residential dwellings, 59 assisted living units & a 64-bed care home.

Location Burford, Oxfordshire
Type of Project Promotion and Sale
Area 17.7 acres (7.08 hectares)
Type of Development Residential
Size 91 residential dwellings, 59 assisted living units & a 64-bed care home
Client(s) Two charities
Promoted by Hallam Land Management
Sold to Lioncourt Homes and Beechcroft Developments
Sale Date

Sold in parcels, final sale in 2022







The site was identified in 2013 as having potential for residential use. Working with the two charities, we marketed the site to a number of housebuilders and land promoters, and the decision was made to appoint Hallam Land Management.

The outline application was submitted in 2015 and refused at a local level but the appeal was allowed in early 2017 and the site was marketed on the open market. A range of bids were received, with some being single purchasers and others being consortium bids. A thorough analysis and comparison of all bids was required to ensure the correct deal structure was chosen.

The decision was made to go with Lioncourt Homes and Beechcroft developments. In line with the Charites Act 2011, we were required to demonstrate that through a competitive bidding process, on the open market, the charities received best value from the sale. This included formal reporting to the Charity Commission.

For further information, or to register your interest in future opportunities, please contact:

Richard Foxon - Managing Director 

 07591 495930

George Fox - Director

 07721 260552

Shilton Road, Burford, Oxfordshire
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